There are a Couple of Different Types of Bedroom Wardrobes

If your bedroom is cramped but you still need to be able to properly hang up your clothes, a bedroom wardrobe may be an appropriate solution for your home. These freestanding units usually contain several shelves, rod racks, and other compartments, giving you a wide variety of different ways to store your clothes. For many people, the most difficult part of storing clothes in their bedroom is finding the right spot to put them. Not only do they sometimes get mixed up in the clutter, but they are also unable to find exactly the right size clothes to fit their bedroom. A bedroom wardrobe solves this problem by giving you more places to store clothes and in different sizes.

There are a couple of different types of bedroom wardrobes. One type of wardrobe is built directly into the wall. This type is the most flexible of the three and is one of the most popular. Since the wardrobe is built directly into the wall, there is no need for a drawer or other storage area behind the wardrobe. Closet space is lost, but the clothing still has a place to go. These are usually the most affordable type of wardrobe on the market.

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Freestanding wardrobes can either be part of a bedroom closet or stand alone and are more expensive than the closet style. They are built from either metal or wood and can be freestanding or feature a back-up wall. The freestanding variety is by far the most popular due to their versatility. These come in a variety of styles and sizes to match most bedroom themes. These are the least expensive wardrobe of the three options and can often be purchased with additional closet space that can be used for clothing storage.

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Another style of bedroom wardrobe is built into a closet. These are built as solid pieces with doors and shelves that run the entire length of the piece. These units can be designed to meet specific needs, depending on the layout and budget of the homeowner. As they are attached to the walls of a bedroom, they can also be mounted on the walls to provide more storage than a freestanding unit could. These units have all of the same compartments and shelving units as the freestanding variety, but do not offer the versatility of being able to move them into a new location if needed.

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A built in style of wardrobe is often made from a single piece of solid wood. These pieces can also be customized to meet many different storage and decorating needs. The wardrobe can have open shelves or drawers to offer more storage space. The open shelves offer more flexibility for displaying clothing while the drawers offer additional protection for valuable clothing items. Either style offers the convenience of easy access to clothing and the function of a functional furniture piece.

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Built-in styles of furniture generally mount to the wall or the top of a closet. They can also be purchased in an “instant” form to save time and money by having the wardrobe already assembled when it arrives. Closet wardrobes can offer more function than a solid wood wardrobe frame. An instant wardrobe can provide all of the functions of a full size dresser when it is simply placed in a small closet.

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Sliding door wardrobes offer more convenience than was previously seen with double doors or single doors for added storage space. They can be opened to offer the same amount of storage as a regular wardrobe frame. These are usually constructed of wood or metal and feature one or two doors. A sliding door wardrobe makes it easy to access the storage area while allowing users to maintain their personal appearance.

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The cost of the bedroom wardrobe can vary widely. A basic wooden wardrobe can be fairly inexpensive while a metal or plastic sliding door wardrobe may be more costly. There are also more expensive options such as fabric, velvet, and leather options for the frame and doors. All bedroom furniture can be purchased from a local department store or from an on-line retailer if it is being purchased as a kit.

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