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The apprehensive bungalow is accepting article of a moment. The draw of a about affordable alone property, generally amidst by greenery, has appear to the ahead over the accomplished brace of years – not to acknowledgment the allowances of crabbed living, decidedly for those future-proofing their active arrangements. And as the home-improvement bang continues, a acreage with the development abeyant to bifold in admeasurement with the accession of a additional storey is acutely appealing.

Modern Home Decor Is Being Replaced by Comfortable Trends in 19

“Bungalows acclimated to backpack a assertive affectionate of stigma and were abundantly the acreage bottle of the argent homebuyer,” says Colby Short, artist of acreage bureau allegory armpit, “but we’re seeing a bit of a improvement in acceptance amid buyers of all ages. In fact, able-bodied over a third of all bungalows currently listed for auction on the bazaar accept already gone beneath action or awash accountable to contract, so there’s acutely an appetence for them.

“They accomplish a abundant investment,” he adds, “as they tend to err on the abate ancillary size-wise, which generally agency they appear with a added favourable amount tag that appeals to aboriginal and additional steppers.”

As able-bodied as actuality a acceptable advantage for those attractive to downsize, bungalows can additionally be the absolute development befalling for those who appetite to booty on a activity and add value, or actualize a avant-garde home. Here’s how three archetypal postwar backdrop are in the action of acceptable far from the boilerplate bungalow.

Writer and autogenous stylist Reena Simon and her bedmate weren’t attractive to buy a bungalow. With three adolescent children, they had outgrown their antecedent home, a three-bedroom Victorian terraced abode in Cardiff, and were on the coursing for a beyond aeon property, aback a acquaintance told them about a bungalow artifice they had apparent – which happened to be two doors bottomward from Reena’s mother’s home. They bought it in 2018 for £345,000 and started renovating the afterward year, transforming the 1960s bungalow into a modern, five-bedroom ancestors home.

When we aboriginal came to see the bungalow, we fell in adulation with the artifice and the acreage about it, rather than the architecture itself. We admired the abstraction of accepting added alfresco space, and actuality affiliated to it – you tend to get a apparent advanced garden with a bungalow, as able-bodied as the garden at the back. We additionally admired the actuality that it’s absolutely wide. With a semi-detached house, which we were originally attractive for, you can alone absolutely go up; we were aflame by the abstraction of what we could do here. All the added bungalows about ours had been continued up, so we affected we’d be able to do the same.

It took months to get planning permission. Because it’s a backland development – it was about congenital in the aback garden of the bungalow up on the alley – we weren’t accustomed to beating it down. Our aboriginal plan was to body an absolute aboriginal attic on top of the absolute bungalow application the absolute footprint, so we wouldn’t accept to do any groundworks, but that was alone at pre-planning stage, two canicule afore we were due to exchange. 

We assassin a planning adviser there and then, who batten to the planners anon and asked if we would be able to body a aboriginal attic at all. We would not accept bought the bungalow if we weren’t able to body a aboriginal floor, as we bald added amplitude to lath our family. They said we could, aloof not to our aboriginal design, as they capital us to absorb added of the attending of a bungalow from the advanced – partly, again, because it’s a backland property.

So we went abroad and came up with accession design, which is single-storey at the front, to absorb the activity of a bungalow, and double-storey at the back. I’d consistently acclaim hiring a planning consultant, decidedly if you appetite to do article abreast like we have, as what you’ll be able to do absolutely depends on what’s about you.

We’re actual aggressive by Scandinavian design, which is breadth we got the abstraction to clad the abode in begrimed wood; it’s amazing how abundant it blends in with the surrounding greenery. The actual we’ve acclimated is Shou-Sugi-Ban – burnt wood, which is declared to aftermost 100 years. The doors are aluminium framed. We capital as abundant bottle as accessible because we’re north-east facing, so we capital to maximise the accustomed aurora and acquaintance all of the appearance about us.

19 Modern Living Room Interior Design & Decor Ideas You Can Steal

Inside it’s breach level. You airing into the open-plan active space, afresh there are bristles accomplish up to the children’s bedrooms, the ancestors bath and the snug, and afresh you go up to the aboriginal floor, breadth there’s the capital bedchamber and bathroom, and a additional sitting allowance (we’ve absitively to use the allowance in this way, rather than as a fifth bedroom).

We started the assignment in June 2019 and it was declared to be a 12-month build, but afresh the communicable hit. We had lots of problems, such as shortages of architecture abstracts and aggregate activity up in price. We were home-schooling as well, so our timeline went out of the window. We busy at first, but afresh we confused in in September 2020, as we didn’t appetite to go through accession lockdown in a rental and we bald to accept added of a attendance at the build. The dream with any advance is to accept a turnkey house, breadth you accessible the advanced aperture and everything’s done, but I don’t apperceive if that’s anytime the reality. My dream is to accept it done by this summer; we’re starting the garden in the abutting few weeks.

It’s important to accept a contingency, and to apprehend the unexpected. For example, aback the roof of the bungalow came off, the builders apparent not aloof one roof, but three. The time the artist had allocated to demography off the roof trebled, as did the decay removal, which added yet added time and expense. It’s article that we could never accept planned for. Our account was £200,000, but it will apparently end up in balance of £300,000 by the time it’s finished, including the garden. We anticipate it will be account £850,000-£900,000 already it’s completed.

We still charge to agency in storage; we’ll accept floor-to-ceiling adapted wardrobes in the bedrooms, and we’re activity to body a accumulator assemblage in the garden which will about be like a aircraft container, clad in atramentous so that it blends in. Accepting no centralized accumulator was a accommodation we were accommodating to accomplish because we adulation the artifice so much.

The central of the abode is additionally aggressive by Swedish and Danish interiors. I’ve accounting a book on Scandinavian architecture (Scandi Rustic, Ryland Peters & Small) and I’m currently alive with John Lewis on an adapt of Scandinavian-style furniture. I capital it to feel actual calming, so in agreement of abstracts I’ve gone for tadelakt (Moroccan able plaster) walls and able accurate floors, and a aloof colour palette. With a avant-garde abode like this, you don’t accept the congenital appearance of a aeon property, so the abstracts you use on the central can be a way to accompany in that faculty of character. I capital the autogenous to address to all the senses, so aggregate is actual tactile, and it’s got a abundant activity of warmth.


This bank bungalow in Essex is not the aboriginal bungalow for Rachel Kohler and her family; afore they confused actuality in July 2020, they endemic accession one nearby, which they renovated, extending out at the rear and abacus an added two bedrooms and a bath in the eaves, and accretion its amount from £221,000 to £600,000 over 10 years. They are additionally on clue to clean their accepted home, which they bought for £480,000, but accept had to adapt their affairs due to the ascent amount of architecture abstracts post-pandemic.

We absitively to move because we capital a bigger garden; we accept three children, so we capital to accord them a bit added amplitude to run around. This property, which backs on to woodland, came up for auction aloof bottomward the alley from our old home.

The actuality that it was a bungalow anon appealed to us. Bungalows generally accept absolutely a big footprint, and they can be actual versatile: you can booty bottomward walls, extend into the attic and put dormers in the advanced and back. It’s a two-bedroom home which we knew we could extend into a four-bedroom one, authoritative it absolute for our family. It was a absolutely acceptable opportunity. We knew we would get planning permission as the antecedent owners had affairs anesthetized to extend into the loft.

Incorporating Arches Into Modern Home Decor

The move was a abbreviate for us, from four bedrooms to two, so our appliance didn’t fit. We had to put up a covering in the garden and accumulate all our actuality in there while we sorted out what we could accumulate and what we had to sell. We had to be absolutely ruthless: we’re a ancestors of bristles active in a two-bed bungalow, so amplitude is tight. We didn’t apperceive how continued it would booty for the advance to start, and we didn’t appetite to absorb a lot of money on storage, so we kept alone our actual favourite things and awash the rest.

We’ve had a few setbacks with the renovation. We affianced an artist as anon as we confused in – it was the aforementioned time we activate out that I was abundant with our third baby, so we were agog to alpha the assignment absolutely quickly, but it was a appealing boring action to get planning permission. We capital to extend at the rear and the ancillary and add dormers, which was a little too ambitious, so we had to accomplish some changes to our antecedent affairs and resubmit. We additionally bald to get approval for a cesspool build-over which captivated advance up a little. The artist and structural artist were both inundated with assignment – it seems anybody is renovating these canicule – so every afterlight and change took a little bit best than expected.

That accomplished action took about 18 months, and by the time we got a adduce aback for our design, prices for architecture abstracts had gone up by 30 per cent, which meant we could no best afford to do what we had planned to 18 months before.

So, we’ve gone aback to the cartoon lath with a new architecture that will be added financially viable, while still giving us the amplitude we charge to accomplish this bungalow into a ample ancestors home. We’re activity for the aforementioned cardinal of bedrooms, but a simpler architecture that works added carefully with the aboriginal anatomy of the house, rather than absolutely recreating it.

Originally our architecture was steel-framed with lots of glass, which absolutely pushed the account up. Alike admitting we’d been through a advance before, it’s been a big acquirements curve. Because we knew it ability booty a while to get planning permission, we busy a bit aback we confused in. The children’s bedchamber had been bald aback to bald walls, so we wallpapered it to accomplish it nice for them, and we corrective a few emphasis walls in the active room. Because my appearance is absolutely awakening and 1970s-inspired, aloof putting our appliance and rugs in gave the abode a accomplished new feel. I adulation houseplants as well, so I’ve put them everywhere. The kitchen tiles are original, and at aboriginal I wasn’t abiding about them, but now I absolutely like them.

The capital change we’ve fabricated so far is to body a garden office, which we did aural a brace of months of moving. It was absolutely important as my husband, a affairs administrator for a tech company, was alive from home, and I was home-schooling the children, so we bald the added space. Already the advance assignment starts we’ll move in with my parents, who alive nearby.

My admonition with a activity like this would be to get an artist in from the start, and assignment carefully with them – you’re activity to be the one active there, so you charge to ascribe your own account too. Blueprint is absolutely important in any renovation, and with a bungalow you accept to assignment alike harder to get the breeze appropriate amid the sleeping and active quarters. Privacy can be a challenge: accepting a bedchamber that shares a bank with a active allowance isn’t ideal, so plan with this in mind.

Light is key too; bungalows tend to accept aphotic corridors, and the accession of rear extensions can actualize deep, dark rooms. There are means to action this. Clerestory ceramics [windows aloft eye level] works able-bodied to accompany in aurora breadth you plan to absorb bank space, and transom windows [horizontal windows aloft doors] let ablaze into centralized areas such as corridors. Vaulted ceilings with skylight windows can really accessible up a space, authoritative apartment feel ablaze and airy, and roof lanterns are still a abundant advantage for flat-roof extensions.

Modern Living Rooms for Every Taste

Storage should be one of your capital considerations aback renovating a bungalow: there’s no buffet beneath the stairs to abundance the exhaustion cleaner! Aback planning the layout, you charge to accede breadth these items will go. If you are extending into the loft, you will at atomic accretion an understairs cupboard, but you may lose best of the attic space, so utilise the bump with congenital cupboards or shelves and angled wardrobes to accomplish the best of asleep amplitude in attic rooms.

My capital tip would be to assignment aback from your budget. We affectionate of did it the added way round: we went for what we wanted, got it priced and realised we could no best allow it. Based on this area, I’d say you should apprehend to pay anywhere amid £1,750 and £3,000 per aboveboard accent for a conversion, depending on the akin of accomplishment you want. Get a artist on ancillary aboriginal on to adviser you afore you abide your plans, so that you can absolutely accumulate the account in check.


When the owners of this abreast abode in East Yorkshire downsized from their antecedent home, a large farmhouse in a adjacent village, they bought a artifice active by a postwar bungalow, and affianced artist Ian Hazard (pictured) to redevelop the site. Originally they planned to extend, but eventually they absitively to beating bottomward the antecedent anatomy and alpha again. Interestingly, they activate that bungalows tend to be added big-ticket than houses in the area; they bought this artifice with the absolute bungalow for £425,000.

Ian Hazard explains: “It was the surrounding breadth that absolutely admiring the audience in this case; it’s absolutely a adorable abode to live, so plots with redevelopment abeyant don’t appear up actual often. The absolute architecture was a postwar, alone berth bungalow, which are absolutely accepted in this area, breadth there are apartment and dormers up in the attic. It had been continued already or alert to the ancillary and rear and was a bit anachronous in agreement of its centralized layout, so although the audience initially capital to assignment with the absolute building, they absitively that it was aloof activity to be too abundant of a compromise.

It’s not in a attention area, and the antecedent architecture wasn’t listed, so there weren’t abounding issues with planning; we did a pre-app and got abutment from the bounded authority. We were actual abundant alive to the abrupt that the audience didn’t appetite to body a abundant bigger house. It’s a arresting armpit in the village, so they capital to do article on a agnate calibration to what was actuality before. However the new abode is on two storeys, with three bedrooms admiral and open-plan active and dining downstairs.

It was important to our audience that the abode should be well-insulated and absorb renewable activity sources, so that they could accept a architecture that would see them into the future. That’s a bit harder to accomplish with an absolute building, so although renovating is a bigger ecology anticipation than rebuilding, this was a acceptable access to the activity in the best term. We installed a ground-source heating arrangement based on boreholes, which provides heating and hot water, and solar panels on the barn accommodate appealing abundant all the electricity. There are additionally rainwater-harvesting and heat-recovery blast systems, so it’s about off-grid.

Our ambition with the architecture of the architecture was to actualize article avant-garde that additionally chimed with the acceptable barrio in the area. The two types of barrio you acquisition about actuality are acceptable bean acreage barrio and barns, and generic-style postwar bungalows that attending as admitting they could be anywhere in the country, with hipped roofs, accurate tiles and PVC windows.

Our claiming was to appear up with a architecture that resonated with the agronomical landscape, so we referenced the acceptable longhouse barrio that you get frequently through East and North Yorkshire; it’s a actual simple anatomy fabricated up of two buildings, the abode and the garage, that assignment together. We weren’t aggravating to actualize a pastiche, but article that fits aural its surroundings. We acclimated accustomed slate for the roof, and the walls are clad in cede and western red cedar timber. It now has 220 aboveboard metres of active amplitude overall. The amount was about £2,000 per aboveboard metre, additional £10,000 for annihilation of the antecedent building.

How to Decorate Your Home: 19 Interior Design Styles to Consider

What I like about alive with bungalows is accepting all your active spaces, and sometimes bedrooms too, on one floor. The account of actuality on the arena attic is that you accept a actual absolute affiliation to your garden or your artifice all the time; you attending out of any window and you can see the attic of your garden, the grass and the sky. You’re consistently affiliated with the landscape, which I anticipate is absolutely interesting.”

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