Great Bathroom Decorations are Endless

The time of year turns us all on to spooky things, and Halloween is one of those times when the possibilities for great bathroom decorations are endless. From jack-o’-lanterns and skeleton candles, to ghost face masks and glowing embers, there are many ways to make your Halloween bathroom a truly scary place. In addition to all the usual decorations, here are my personal favorites for Halloween bathroom decorating. Enjoy! (Psst…if you really don’t think any of these are cool, you might want to skip to the bottom.)

Here are my top, easiest, but most scariest DIY Halloween bathroom decorations… Dollar Store items and take just minutes to perform. Fear is all nature’s laxative, so there won’t be any constipation this year. Try using orange peel to smudge the letters “Halloween” in the toilet paper holder, add a few drops of green paint to the edge of the toilet seat, and spray some citronella oil on the glass shower door to give off a scent reminiscent of pumpkins. This will also work if you want to add decorations to the bathroom like a spider web on the shower curtains or orange balls under the shower sprayer.

Use Halloween acrylic paint markers and clear tape to decorate your bathroom with spider webs, pumpkins, and bats! Start by painting a few spider webs on a sheet of glass, add some bats and pumpkins, and finish with any other design you choose. If you want to save time, try to find plain glass shower doors and use a stencil to create your own scary faces. These DIY bathroom decorations can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

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A more elaborate way to add a little terror to your bathroom is to use bloody bathroom decor ideas. You can find a great selection of products at your local dollar store, and this is an especially nice project to do with kids. Take some baby wipes, toothpaste, and markers, and start a new art collection. Make a series of face paintings, from the baby’s nose, to the bottom of their back. Make sure you use a lot of bright colors so they will be easier to see at night.

Another great idea for DIY bathroom decorations is to decorate your shower with “scary” items such as white blood cells, a zombie, and eagles. You can buy hand towels and toilet paper that have blood on them, or draw it yourself with an outline tool. If you don’t want to go all out, there are other easy projects to focus on. For example, you can purchase a life size cutout of a monster from a dollar shop, and paint it. You could also purchase a red wig that matches your bathroom decorations. Add red hand towels and toilet paper to match the red hand towels, and use a red shower curtain as the basis for your theme.

5 Brilliant Christmas Bathroom Decor Ideas

Christmas bathroom decorations are easier to come up with if you have children. One great idea is to use red and green balloons on the floor, and hang a Christmas star on the ceiling. You can also hang red streamers from the ceiling fan, and tape these to the wall to focus on the ceiling. You can also use colored cellophane Christmas towels for all of the towels that you use for your DIY decorating, and you should save one or two extra of each colored towel for use in your decorating.

If you are looking for something a little more elegant, you can purchase a shelf from your local craft store, and glue it to the back of a bathroom shower curtain. You can then add antiques farmhouse mirrors to complete the farmhouse look. The shelves you purchase from craft stores usually only have room for one item, so you may need to glue several items together to create enough storage space. Once you finish your bathroom with farmhouse themed decorations, you will find that your home is unique and your decorating truly is unique.

Another way to go about this unique bathroom decorating theme is to buy old photos, or use glitter to decorate with a mirror. Glitter is a great way to add some shimmer and shine to your homemade creations, and the reflective quality of handmade soap adds a special touch to any bathroom. You can choose to use traditional white craft soap, handmade colored bar soap, or homemade natural soap. Whatever soap you choose, you will be amazed at how the various scents and colors combine to create a unique and creative bathroom decor.

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