7 Free Online Virtual Interior Design Applications and Websites

Virtual Interior Design

celineinteriors.com Designing a dream house does take quite a long way. Starting from how to find a suitable land or house to how to buy and sell the house. One of the most difficult ways is to design a room in the house that suits your wishes. Moreover, you must charter a reliable service to design in such an advance with a large fee.

But recently, many technologies have provided a way to make it easier for you to share an image of the concept that fits your needs.

You can easily carry out the concept of the concept freely and free with the encouragement of the application of the concept of the house. This home concept application is also quite modern and easy to use. The application is in the type of web or application on your smartphone.

If you want to try to make a homemade version of the concept of a house, you can try the next 7 online house concept applications in an easy and definitely free way!

1. Planner 5D

Virtual Interior Design

Planner 5D is one of those apps which is quite famous for the concept of the concept of the house. This application has more than 5000 brochures of objects that you can try to do to design your dream home.

With shapes that are very easy to use, you can try to conceptualize your concept using shapes in 2D or 3D. Planner 5D also has a variety of composition and color options to match the depths of your concept.

Not only that, you can also connect with the Planner 5D consumer community to share your creations or view ideas from other consumers’ products.

You can try it on the Planner 5D web or download the application on your favorite smartphone.

2. IKEA Home Planner

Virtual Interior Design

IKEA is a Swedish furniture industry that has a Scandinavian version of the design. The furniture sold by IKEA is popular with the best quality in a variety of special shapes.

To make it easier for customers, this company provides a free application on the IKEA website for those of you who are interested in trying furniture before buying it. You can easily search for IKEA product brochures and conceptualize the concept of the room according to your wishes.

You can try the IKEA Home Planner and try products in 2D or 3D. Not only that, there is a checkout feature that makes it easy for you to directly order the things you want.

As a bonus, IKEA also provides a special app on Apple’s iOS operating system, IKEA Place. In this application you can apply IKEA furniture to your room using augmented reality technology on your smartphone camera.

3. Houzz

Virtual Interior Design

Houzz is one of the applications to find ideas and professional services for designing homes. In the Houzz application you can create various kinds of home and furniture concept ideas.

Houzz exists in both web and app form. In the Houzz application, you can create various brochures for furniture products or inspiration for home concepts according to your wishes.

Not only that, if you download the House application on your smartphone, you can use the Augmented Reality feature to practice furniture products in your living room. You can also inspire the concept of a house or change your mind with other Houzz customers.

4. HomeByMe

Virtual Interior Design

If you need a fairly expert concept application with various features such as reliable, you can try HomeByMe.

HomeByMe is a web platform application. Here you can create a house concept in a special way, starting from the aggressive concept of the room concept, furniture placement to room makeup. All of them are well packaged with 3D shapes and diagrams of the highest quality.

HomeByMe also provides favorite technology features like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to share opinions like you are in a real room.

You can also create ideas from HomeByMe’s powerful concepts and change the design according to your preferences.

5. Roomstyler 3D Planner

Virtual Interior Design

If you lose the inspiration to design a room with furniture that–that alone, Roomstyler 3D Planner has more than 120,000 virtual objects that you can create with the concept of your room.

Roomstyler provides various types of virtual furniture from various brands ranging from IKEA, Marks & Spencer, to top home designer objects such as Philippe Starck and Marcel Wanders. You can design with satisfaction and detail down to the room accessories such as chandeliers to outdoor rooms.

This web-based application is also very easy to use with a combination of 2D or 3D forms. Not only that, you can also show the concept of your own home on the Roomstyler forum with other consumers.

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