7 Countries That Have Unique Home Interior Designs

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celineinteriors.com – Each country must have certain characteristics and characteristics in designing the interior of the house. The concept of the interior often has a sacred style and does not keep up with the changing times.

Even so, the classic interior concept of each country is still the idea of ​​​​people to design a house.

The classic interior concept style is able to withstand the onslaught of changing home makeup styles. The classic interior concept usually carries the theme of glamor, minimalism, to bright patterns.

For mothers who are still unsure about the interior concept of a dream house, it never hurts to take a peek at the classic interior concept from 7 countries here.

1. Japan

Home Interior

An important characteristic of the Japanese interior concept, is to introduce nature at home, the illustration of which makes a small field in the backyard. Frame materials and bamboo also lead to the interior design of Japanese houses.

Another distinctive feature of Japanese homes, is the use of moving doors or large-sized glass to maximize light. Moving doors make Japanese homes look more minimalist and don’t feel small.

Japanese houses also have fewer items than houses in other countries. The Japanese only put meaningful furniture in one room so that the room always looks neat and clean.

2. France

Home Interior

French homes are not free from glamour and beauty. The distinctive characteristic of the interior concept of a French house is the antiques and relics of the French royal style that are placed in each room. White or gray colors also lead French houses.

To increase the impression of beauty in a room, the French like to put flowers such as carnations and roses. The interior concept of the French house is also helped by good lighting with windows placed on the sides of the room.

3. India

Home Interior

Indian houses are dominated by vivid colors that signify enthusiasm and joy. The clear color represents the color of the spices that are characteristic of India. It should be noted that Indians also like the use of stone floors or black framed floors.

To maintain ancestral customs, Indians like to put Hindu God Angel statues made of bronze, brass, frames, or gold in one room. Meanwhile, Indian home furnishings are usually dominated by furniture made of black and hard frames.

4. Morocco

Home Interior

Houses from Morocco are generally dominated by clear Middle Eastern colors such as red orange, golden, light brown, yellow, to silver. The motif produces a tropical atmosphere and warmth in each room.

To be known, the color orange is motivated by the African sunset. On the other hand, yellow and silver are inspired by the desert and its surroundings in the Middle East.

To add to the eccentric opinion of a room, Moroccans love orange furniture. Meanwhile, the floor of the house is dominated by black frame materials.

5. Spain

Home Interior

The Spanish house has a Mediterranean theme that uses bright motifs. The house is designed to be open with a terrace that leads to a large field or yard. The Spanish house emphasizes the villas in the countryside which introduces a warm family atmosphere.

To enhance the classic look of a Spanish home, you can add a bedroom make-up or a colorful picture in your living room or bedroom. The main thing, is that the terrace of the house has enough light, so it can be used as a place for family gathering.

6. China

Home Interior

The concept of the interior of China is influenced by customs and traditions. Chinese house paint is dominated by a combination of dark colors, ems, or red.

The Chinese house also prioritizes enlightenment from the sun. Therefore, they like to use large dimensional windows to maximize light. Not only that, the distinctive red funnel can also be used as a substitute for light at night.

Approaching the Japanese interior concept, Chinese home furnishings are also dominated by natural factors, which are made of bamboo or frames with dark, red, and golden patterns.

7. Russia

Home Interior

Similar to France, Russia also has a classic and beautiful theme for the interior concept of the house. Russians love classic lamps, some antiques, and art. Some of these items generally have to be placed in each room.

White, gray, and light brown colors lead the paint of Russian bedrooms. To enhance beauty and character, Russians also like to put green leafy plants in every room.

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