6 Dream House Inspirations With Attractive Designs


Dream House Interiors

celineinteriors.com – Everyone certainly has their own dream house. In general, this is much influenced by the modern concept of the house of hope and is often found in various social media today. Not only because of its attractive shape, a concept will be hopeful if the concept is functional and certainly looks safe to live in.

One of the most sought after dream house ideas is often a minimalist house. The usual form of a minimalist design is liked by many home owners. The idea of ​​​​a minimalist house of hope is also currently appearing in various forms. The minimalist design is currently found with a combination of other interior styles, such as Scandinavian to tropical style.

Well, this time we collect 6 hopeful house concept ideas that are actually interesting for you. These next designs are made by various architects and interior designers in Indonesia that you can find through Archify. Let’s explore the design!

Scandinavian concept

A few years ago, the Scandinavian version of the house concept became the idea of ​​​​a house of hope among concept fans. This design is still in style until now because of its simple but charming shape. Sijis House, made by Dendy& This Darman Sanggar adopts a Scandinavian design with a distinctive friction on the asbestos concept of his house. For the interior, the designer included this residence in Bandung with furniture from frames and rattan. This option evokes warm opinions on the interior of the house.

Open space concept

The spacious action space, easy air circulation, and the entry of sunlight into the house are some of the advantages of having an open space. This house made by andramatin in Bogor uses the cool Bogor weather situation. Cross windows allow air into the house and create a cool space during the day.

The outside of the house is decorated with various plants to add freshness. This reforestation is also useful as rainwater seepage so that the water does not stop. The concept of the fence in this house also deserves to be a dream home idea for those of you who need a minimalist design with natural friction.

Exposed material

The beauty of revealing materials can not only be applied to industrial designs. Brick and cement reveal also beautiful when matched to a modern design such as the house made by Tamara Wibowo Architects which you can designate a dream house idea. In the interior, the architect made many openings by turning the actual cubicle into a mirrored cubicle. That way, sunlight can enter the house and the house looks bigger without being closed in by the room.

Desain compact

The concept of a minimalist home does not mean that it is forbidden to put many objects in the house. You can work around this with a compact concept, like the interior made by my studio. The dimensions of the slim furniture and the combination of monochrome colors make the house seem bigger. This dream house idea is suitable for millennials who prioritize practicality in today’s times.

Charming with secondary skin

Looking for hope house ideas with energetic shapes? A house with a secondary skin on house destruction can be an interesting illustration. Secondary skins come in a variety of forms that you can match with your home design and of course your desires. Secondary skin is also a solution for those of you who have a west-facing house that feels hot in the evening. Secondary skin will limit the sunlight coming in too much so that the house becomes cooler.

Tropical style

The dense tropical design emphasizes that we want a holiday atmosphere in the Bali pavilion. Natural stone materials and frangipani plants in the yard are typical characteristics of this ASA Room made house. The tropical design also adopts an open concept with good air circulation, as a result, the atmosphere of the house will be safe without fear of being claustrophobic. For those of you who need to live in a house with a holiday atmosphere, this dream home idea can be an estimate.

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