5 Charleston Interiors Designers You Should Know

celineinteriors.com When it comes to creating your dream home, you may need the encouragement of an expert interior designer to create your vision. From lighting and paint options to accents and tools including even the smallest detail, an interior designer can create a cohesive aesthetic that fits your individual style. Whether you prefer freeforming, beachfront or planning to create a chic Island residence, the Charleston area is home to some of the best interior designers in the country to help transform your space.

Continue reading to create our Charleston interior designer notes to think about for the blueprint of the forthcoming concept.

1. The Guest House Studio

Charleston Interiors

Specializing in modern architecture and residential enhancements, The Guest House Sanggar is a full-service interior design and architecture company with platforms in Charleston, SC and Annapolis, MD. Hosted by Christyn Dunning-Gauss, The Guest Sanggar has completed more than 30 blueprints for consumers across Syndicate America. As part of their concept philosophy, The Guest House Sanggar creates a space that tells a story—incorporating consumer happiness and ambition into the concept.

With the aim of turning your space into a personal sanctuary, The Guest House Sanggar will help you create an escape from the outside world. Finally, their designs usually show true-to-life colors and blue gradations that provide a calming and relaxing effect.

2. Jenny Keenan’s Concept

Charleston Interiors

Jenny Keenan of Jenny Keenan Designs is one of Charleston’s most famous interior designers to date. Moreover, his creations have been highlighted in various magazines based in Charleston and shown in Architectural Digest, Southern Living, and Better Homes and Garden.

With vast experience in various styles, Jenny Keenan has produced spaces ranging from eclectic to minimalist and everything in between. Using original artwork and handcrafted accents, the designs are visually stunning. He also has ambitions for the concept of enlightenment—a philosophy that uses light to change the image and focus of a room to create a space that is functional and inviting.

3. The interior is Lauren Waldorf

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To balance the modern and soulful concept, check out Lauren Waldorf Interiors. Starting from the coastal city of Annapolis, Maryland, Lauren has been motivated by the sea from a young age. In fact, his approach to the concept of the interior relates to the invention of spaces that reflect the landscape near the house. He does this by curating works that are properly made by local artisans and craftsmen, while also showing natural compositions and parts of nature.

4. MB Within Interior Design

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MB Within Interior Design is an in-depth concept company with a complete service of award winning led by Mollie Bean. As one of the LEED-certified designers in the Charleston area, Mollie has great insight into the long-term application of space-conscious concepts – saving you time and money in the future. He also specializes in kitchens and bathrooms, and is known for his skills in space programming and his attention to detail.

With experience in all aspects of improvement, Mollie actively participates in every blueprint her company comes up with. He handles everything, from sketching out concepts to managing contractors. The key goal is to make the process as easy as possible for his clients while creating their dreams.

5. Cortney Bishop Design

Charleston Interiors

Cortney Bishop Design is a full service concept company offering interior and exterior design, architect, and architectural discussions, style, concept enlightenment, and more. An important focus of Cortney Bishop Design is to create a space where consumers really feel right at home.

From colorful cottages to bohemian bungalows, Cortney Bishop has it all done. Her creative way of concept involves mixing patterns and colors and vintage and modern make-up pieces to create a space that shows the client’s special character.

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