1930s Industrial Space Turned Into A Beautiful Family Home

celineinteriors.com A review of a family home that dates back to the 1930s factory space designed by the architectural studio Barde+vanVoltt and is located in Amsterdam.

There’s a nice family home in Amsterdam with quite an action story and we’d like to take a closer look. This house has an important position in the city center and is not always used as a place to live. It was originally formed in the 1930s and served as a hardware store and later as a garage. In 2020, architectural studio Barde+vanVoltt made a final change, turning it into a great home for a family of 4.

As you can imagine, converting this shape into a suitable living space is an obvious challenge. The biggest problem was the fact that because the building wasn’t meant to have much to do with the outside, it was very black and gloomy on the inside. Bringing natural light into what will tomorrow be a safe home is an important priority. Overall, this place covers an area of ​​100 sqm which allows the architects to divide it into a series of regular and individual zones that feel quite open and spacious.

The materials and finishes used in the interior design are naturally strong, durable and have original performance. The room composition adds warmth to the makeup and coordinates well with the stone floor.

The interior makeup shows a preference for simple and original materials and finishes.

The kitchen has framed furniture and a fine quartzite table with a beautiful sink.

That means creating a new interior design to make this place feel inviting and safe but at the same time a decision is made to look for ideas in the future of the building factory. Finally, the layer of material used during the transformation was selected for its durability and ability to bridge the gap between the past and the present. The original stone floors are preserved and incorporated into the latest concept along with natural clay booths, warm sill accents and metal parts that convey retro-industrial flair to the latest makeup.

The bathroom has a metal pool that looks like a factory and brushed copper utensils.

The room and its interior mirror partitions ensure that the entire room is filled with natural light.

The current concept is motivated in part by the later era of factory buildings.

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