Your WOW

Your WOWThink about a client meeting in the heart of a majestic cedar forest, by the sea, or an energetic downtown intersection that you don’t need to book, rent or set-up. A workspace pod that commutes to you and lets you focus on projects when it’s bumper to bumper without having to keep your eyes on the road.   Automobility, mobility design concepts tied to automation, at think tank IDEO is sparking debate and marketplace enthusiasm with forward thinking designs, innovation, with a human point of view.  Cars that drive themselves by symbiotically linking or platooning to others on popular commuting routes, delivery systems fully automated and instantaneously dispatch with a simple app, and better still, a mobile workspace that drives to you. A company that thinks about your quality of life, what motivates you, now that’s a high performance corporate ride.   A Workplace on Wheels, your WOW, is parked just down the street at the corner of future and imagined.







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