Winnipeg – A Beautiful City

Winnipeg is where I chose to attend university, at the Architecture Faculty to complete my Interior Design degree. Back then, Winnipeg was it, if you wanted the best possible design education! Although my father was lobbying very persistently for me to attend Cornell where I was first accepted, I was, already back then, a die-hard Canadian and committed to stay in Canada. Winnipeg did not disappoint. Although the weather was a real detriment, (who enjoys 30 below temperatures with a wind-chill factor of -48 for months on end?) the people are why we all fall in love with Winnipeg. I say there must be a lot of ‘coureur des bois’ lineage in the Winnipeg population because they are friendly, inviting, welcoming….shall I go on? And, to boot, I met my husband there…. I am fortunate I get to go back regularly to visit friends and family who live in and around Winnipeg – still. As you will see in the attached video, Winnipeg’s setting (never mind history) is absolutely breathtaking. You can honestly see forever! As the saying goes: ‘Where else can you see your dog run away for three days!’

City Beautiful – How Architecture Shaped Winnipeg’s DNA (video)