Sheer Style for the Flock this New Year

Sheep shotsSheep are butting heads with goats for top billing this upcoming Chinese New Year.

The Year of the Sheep, Ram or Goat will largely be remembered as simply sheep. And it’s no surprise that these docile ruminants won the power struggle. China is, after all, the world’s third largest producer of wool. Quick to spin sponsorship possibilities are the industry’s top herders, Australia and New Zealand.

Natural, sustainable, affordable and with global appeal wool merchandising continues to tout farm to fashion with gentle organic popularity.

The veracity of wool equates to sheer ingenuity when it comes to design. Wool fabrics, rugs, furnishings, art and accessories continue to dominate the marketplace with modern appeal. Our clients warm to authentic natural materials and we always encourage an investment in quality wool interior furnishings and rugs.

A hallmark 2015 marketing campaign by giants Merino and The Woolmark Company will be hard to cast off this Year of the Sheep. Marketing agencies will blanket media with innovative campaigns designed to make us all dyed in wool consumers.

From the humble Cowichan sweater to Haute Couture this year promises to be wild and woolly. One thing for sure…the gentle, sensitive and cautious qualities of the zodiac sheep will be herded into the retail spotlight.


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