Interior Design Services

Large corporations, specialized retail, intimate homes and wild retreats— we never know what will be on our drawing board next.

Client’s launch off the starting block with a complex roster of requirements, budget parameters, and project complexities that are personal. We are driven by the originality and challenge of every project we tackle.

Our team jumps in where and when our expertise is called upon. What’s most effective is when our team is invited to collaborate, day one, when the project seeds are freshly planted. This is when we can really impact an interior outcome and optimize the bottom line with cost effective and smart design solutions.


Our services are not unique. Our design solutions are.

We’ve highlighted a few service areas, along with case studies, that set our team apart.

Briefing and Facilities Programming

The Square Foot Solution

You need to be confident about the square footage you require today as well as down the road. We can assess and refine a square footage strategy with you. Our experience is critical to selecting the ideal space. Making the optimum choice will translate to your bottom line at the office. We can refine your search with a comprehensive checklist of requirements that will ensure the ideal lease or purchase.


Matching Business Goals to Design Outcomes

We have a space or site selected. It’s time to roll up our sleeves. We unearth and assess project goals, challenges, constraints, and desires. Then our team takes all the information we’ve excavated and delivers a workplace or residential design strategy.

Case Study: Electronic Arts, EA Canada

Pre-Leasing Planning and Strategy

Try the CII Fit Test for the best lease strategy

Leasing space is like buying a suit. Some locations fit your business better than others. If you’ve narrowed your site selection to one or two locations, we can assist in making that final site selection based on our knowledge of your criteria coupled with an evaluation process we like to call our CELINE Interiors FIT Test. The result? We map together the pros and cons and recommend the best lease fit for your requirements today and tomorrow. Square footage is key, but design and functionality will meet your long term vision.

Case Study: Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.

Space Planning

We are space strategists

Effective space planning is essential to office design. It’s critical to the longevity of a lease. Corporate goals along with changing business practices, lifestyle, technology and workplace trends all have to be considered and projected at this stage of the game. When it comes to space planning we usually work in two stages:

Block Plan

Rough sketches concentrate on approximate square footage allocation, juxtaposition of work groups, services and the accurate assignment of common areas like reception, meeting rooms and so on.

Regardless of whether we are planning a residence, corporate office or boutique hotel similar issues are considered from the start even if the solution is different. What is the ideal approach to this space?

Space Plan

A space plan is more conceptual. We present the emotional essence of the space. A corporate or personal brand statement, the emotional appeal of the space, the social rationale for private and public spaces, lifestyle and concepts like this are explored in this plan.

We create an AutoCAD version of the plan once your specific requirements have been identified and incorporated.

CASE STUDY: Desjardins Group

Construction and Furniture Budget

Interior Design Budget Experts

This is where client expectations and budget meet. The budget process happens twice in the life of a project. A cost projection and allocation of funds to various aspects of the project at this stage allow clients to cherry pick investments and refine emphasis on project expectations.

A second budget is presented with approved and completed project drawings. This affords our clients an opportunity to shop the market for competitive bids on construction requirements.

CASE STUDY: Klein Lyons Law Firm

Design Concept: Development and Branding

Make it Personal

We love to tell your story. To translate your personal or corporate brand into a distinct design statement. A visual statement that’s as poignant today as it will be tomorrow.

We understand the power, the possibilities, the intrinsic value of smartly defined spaces at home, at the office, at a wilderness retreat or boutique shop.

Delivering a distinctly designed space that simply says one thing—you. That’s what we do.

CASE STUDY: Branding – Eldorado Gold Corporate Office

Consultant Coordination

Expert consultation for customized design solutions

Getting the optimum cost effective solutions from our supplier partners is essential to our role. Mentoring new and rising design stars is key to keeping our work fresh. We choreograph the efforts and expertise of design experts in all fields. We make sure we ask the pointed questions and evaluate performance.

Although each project we touch is customized, our consultant team often includes the following areas of expertise: Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Code, Lighting, Systems Integration, Architectural, Landscaping, Security, IT systems, Network and Communication, Change Management, Sustainability/LEED Consultants, Kitchen Equipment, Furnishing, and Art consultants.

Construction Documentation

Detailed design specifications

This is about details — how everything will be built and seamlessly assembled. As we formulate the design elements of a space and receive client approvals, we rigorously document the construction requirements clearly defining expectations for the tenant fit-out.

This is the technical component of our work where we rigorously devise and document how to actually construct the proposed space design.

Our longstanding suppliers provide key information on vital project elements, many unnoticed. Components like airflow, climate control, safety, security, convenient power sources, sound, privacy, task lighting are essential to a project checklist and successful final product. Our collaboration continues to ensure all components are adequately designed and specified to suit the people and activities within the space.

Our design team provides detailed construction drawings and specifications on design, materials and workmanship for a clear description of construction requirements. This is information required for General Contractor(s) pricing, building permit applications and/or construction.

CASE STUDY: DELUXE Method Special Effect Studio

Furniture Assessment and Procurement

Sourcing furniture and equipment

Furniture will customize the look of your finished interior space. Smart workstations, ergonomic chairs, excellent work surfaces will boost productivity and morale when you welcome the team to their new office.

We work closely with our clients to inventory and catalogue their existing furnishings and together we establish what can be retained, re-used, re-purposed or even recycled. Our extensive knowledge of specialized suppliers, custom furniture workshops and upholstery vendors allows us to coach you into making optimum investments for your interior project. We guarantee quality products that stand the test of time, offer excellent value and competitive pricing.

Our team will prepare a line-item budget and source all your furniture and equipment requirements.

At home or the office we don’t shy away from recommending and designing custom furniture to maximize space and style. For interior design projects that require custom furniture we provide detailed drawings and design boards.

Construction Procurement

Interior design projects – on time, on budget

Essential to the project is the selection of our General Contractor. We usually work one of two options. Each has it’s advantages and are often are guided by prior relationships, project roles and responsibilities. We work alongside our clients to make recommendations on which direction is best to take for the project.


Pre-qualify and pre-select one general contractor at the beginning of project with whom we collaborate throughout the design process. Our team has an enviable track record of bringing our interior design projects on time and on budget using this process.


We design the space and prepare a complete set of construction and bid documents which we issue for competitive pricing to pre-qualified general contractors. Following the review of their bids and project schedule we prepare a comparative report with recommendations to our client.

Construction Administration and Field Services

Project management and quality control

Our role at the construction stage of a project is to liaise with the client, all trades, engineers, consultants and the general contractor through to completion.

This requires us to regularly visit the site, to review progress and quality of construction, issue site directives, price requests and/or change orders when required and prepare a deficiency report to make sure all is completed as designed and priced.

We take responsibility to ensure every construction detail is executed meticulously.

Curate Art Collections

Selecting stunning timeless artwork

We are often asked to curate a private or corporate art collection as part of our interior design statement. Be it one signature piece or a grouping, we are passionate about the arts and welcome every opportunity to promote British Columbia and Pacific Northwest artists and those from further afield.

From mobiles to ceramics, sculpture to indigenous tapestry or carvings; our partnerships with Canada’s leading artists, galleries and specialists is unparalleled.

We work closely with our clients to ensure each selection is personal and sets a tone and mood they can relate too. When curating a collection or presenting selected art works for a space we produce a catalogue of images along with specifications, pricing, artist biographies and recommendations for placement and lighting.

Art is individual, and we work closely with our clients to pick pieces that they will love, and will stand the test of time.

CASE STUDY: Sea Lion Pointe, Sonora Island in Desolation Sound, BC.

Project Critique

Your satisfaction, is a gift to us

Our interior projects take time, and inevitably our team grows to be an extension of yours. It’s always hard to see projects wrap-up. Before we do we make sure that every “i” is dotted and that your expectations are exceeded.

We are as excited as you to turn the key and step into your new home, office, boutique or resort.

We will make you an office hero, or maybe a homebody, or a shopaholic or holiday hound. Bottom line we’ll make sure you love your new surroundings.

We’ve been at this a long time, and many of our clients have been with our firm since day one. Your review of our work and process is key to our continued success. We value our client’s feedback. It’s a gift to us.