Reading , Writing and Louise Penny

Some people do yoga, some people meditate, I like to curl up with a good book in a comfy chair sipping a full-fat cappucino! Life is too short for skim milk…

I went to a ‘preview event’ recently where Louise Penny (world renowned Whodunnit writer) I quite enjoyed spoke.

It was held at the First Baptist Church on Burrard and Nelson. There were over 700 people in attendance most of them – like me – had already purchased and started to read her last book in a happily increasing series of books on Inspector Gamache. Being from Quebec I always enjoy a good read that takes place in La Belle Province! I had to laugh at a quote on Louise’s website that speaks to her learning a second language on her arrival years ago in Quebec City. “… Within weeks I’d called Quebecers ‘good pumpkins’, ordered ‘flaming mice’ in a restaurant, for dessert naturally and asked a taxi driver to ‘take me to the war please’. He turned around asked ‘Which war exactly, Madame?…’ It made me wonder what I had said when learning English all those years ago!


NY Times Bestsellers List at #1 this weekend – a feat for a mystery/crime/whodunnit writer!

The BC Writer’s Festival is soon upon us so put it on your calendar for October 21 – 26, 2014.

With the ever increasing presence of on-line books, e-books and the like I would  encourage you to support small local Vancouver bookstores such as:

32 Books and Gallery (my personal favorite)

The Tyee’s list of independent book stores.