Convertible Garage, Vancouver BC

transforming a garage to an office
space planning for maximum storage
160 square foot converted garage to office
interior design art details to personlize space
outdoor meeting space for office
adding daylight to small office space

Project Info

Project Description

Transforming a 160 square foot house garage into an exceptional office drives home the point that interior design can go way beyond decoration. As professionals we strategize about space to excavate hidden potential and possibilities.

With this project we exposed the roof structure and added lots of daylight by inserting two small skylights. A gas fireplace and a Zen paint palate added warmth. A full wall with shelving juxtaposed a wall of windows visually doubled the space. Mirrored doors on a small storage shed offered inspiring reflections of both the courtyard and the office interior.

Now, even the gloomiest of Vancouver days seemed radiant. Parking your office at home makes sense, bottom line.