Case Study: Klein Lyons Law Firm

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construction and furniture budget options
reduced construction budget
power & communication cost savings
custom designed mill work
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Project Info

Project Description

Budgeting for our Klein Lyon’s project was most successful. The key was collaborating with a respected general contractor, CDC Construction, from day one.

Using the approved space plan, we prepared a series of 10 plan sketches. These sketches acted as a pre-cursor to finalized construction drawings and highlighted anticipated costs ranging from: walls, electrical, data/communication, lighting, mechanical, structural, and millwork—basically all the ‘must do’ items.

Enthusiasm is all part and parcel of the process. And yes, we also detailed a “would be nice to have” set of construction elements that would support the emotional platform of the space from a brand and corporate culture perspective.

We met with the general contractor team to discuss assumptions, quality expectations, base building costs and reviewed our sketches to develop an honest realistic budget for review by this Vancouver boutique law firm.

With this information, Klein Lyons had the required information they needed to make budget decisions confidently. In the end, we slashed their budget by 30%, and were able to deliver a final office design that met project objectives.