Case Study: Design Concept Development
Ultimate Bachelor Pad

contemporary residence design
priceless collection of cars
expansive glazed walls showcasing city views
contemporary modern architectural design
contemporary modern architectural design
residence that includes a automotive elevator

Project Info

Project Description

This residential project drove individuality and personal brand full throttle. A contemporary residence needed to be designed with a focus on showcasing a priceless collection of cars not paintings.

Perched on a West Vancouver mountainside, we designed this home with an automotive elevator that would transfer the owner’s priceless car collection from roadside to a courtyard gallery.

Like great works of art, our automotive enthusiast wanted to admire his hot wheels from a residential setting. Glass doors and walls made viewing possible from two levels of the home and from various rooms like the workout studio and multi-media entertainment room.

The 45-degree sloped site worked in our favour and an inverted plan reinforced top billing for the car collection. Most rooms featured expansive glazed walls showcasing a stunning city and ocean view as a backdrop. This contemporary architectural design rounds the corner when it comes to personalization. The ultimate bachelor pad, a James Bond set or home sweet home—you decide.