Case Study: DELUXE Method Special Effect Studio

Céline interiors construction drawings
Céline interiors wall demolition drawings
Céline interiors flooring demolition construction drawings
Céline interior ceiling demolition drawings
Céline interiors construction CAD drawings
Céline interiors reflected ceiling plan
Céline interiors furniture plan
Céline interiors finishes legend
Céline interiors elevation drawings

Project Info

Project Description

Deluxe Studios is an award winning cinema post production services company. The company decided to double its size from 20,000 to 40,000 square feet. The idea was to move into a vacant space in their current 1980s industrial building. The raw warehouse style building really suited their corporate culture. After some local bylaw juggling they were good to expand. Design was cut to the bare bones, but the IT, mechanical, and lighting budgets were substantial. These folks work around the clock with sensitive production technology, and this had to be considered in our design and construction timetable and planning.

The construction documents below showcase our technical expertise and the accredited training of our design team.