Modernism, The Heat is On

Modernism, The Heat is OnIf you are ready to escape the Canadian winter to re-charge your batteries chances are remote sandy beaches, an azure blue sea, and a nurturing aromatherapy might top the holiday list.

My escape includes heat, but the treatment is more a massage for the creative spirit and the luxury of time to re-ignite my imagination.

So Palm Springs Modernist Week it is.

This desert mecca for mid-century architecture is rolling out the welcome mat on an extensive inventory of iconic homes for aficionados and curiosity seekers alike. The week celebrates contemporary thinking, design, architecture, art, fashion, culture and even vintage travel trailers.

The Modernist movement really shines in Palm Springs and that’s what makes this architectural showcase a must see and an annual pilgrimage for many.

In the late 1940s wealthy families, Hollywood stars and hipsters wanted to retreat to the desert excited by a contemporary aesthetic and expression. Many embraced the philosophy and welcomed the change that Modernism promised. The desert climate was perfect to warm the architectural bones of the movement allowing for pure simplicity, unorthodox materials and scale, and a chance to realize the clarity of design so desired.

With perfect weather, bulging budgets, a sense of adventure, a minimalist landscape and an abundance of unencumbered acres— the prefect architectural cocktail was mixed. Now all I need to do is add the ice and shake!

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