interior design project management renovation and expansion

Heenan Blaikie Lawyers
New Corporate Office, Renovations + Expansions

“I am still very proud of our corporate office design, even after 18 years. Winning the Canadian Interiors, ‘Best of Canada Award’ was an added bonus. In the course of my legal career I collaborated with countless people. The experience we had with your firm during the process of designing our Vancouver offices was one of the most informative, enjoyable collaborative, and rewarding. I appreciate being the beneficiary of your enthusiasm, professionalism, creativity, experience and result orientation.”

Arthur Evrensel
Founding Partner
Michael, Evrensel & Pawar LLP
Past Partner, Heenan Blaikie, Vancouver

interior design professionals expands vancouver office

Deluxe Creative Services
Renovation & Expansion to Vancouver Office – 40,000 sq.ft.

“You can compete with the big boys but the bonus with your company is that the team you meet are the design professionals that do the work. We appreciated your honesty and the fact that we weren’t passed onto a group of junior designers— a common practice with larger firms. “

Bernie Courville
Director of Facilities
Deluxe Creative Services

award winning design firm on time on budget renovation

Eldorado Gold Corporation
Head Offices

“I always feel like I am your only client and that I am not competing with others for your attention. You are available, on point and I can always count on you getting it done when promised. You understand the ‘bones’ of construction and your team approach with the trades was essential to our project. “

Dawn Moss
Executive Vice President, 
Corporate Secretary
Eldorado Gold Corporation

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Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.
Office Design, Vancouver + Montreal

”Céline has vision and determination. She brings a unique combination of design and collaboration that made it easy to manage every detail of our office project from Montréal. She also made sure her concepts worked within our guidelines, budget and deadlines. Best of all, she managed to translate our business strategies into design.’’

Anne Cliche
Vice President,
Organizational Development
Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.

interior design services for quebec company in vancouver

Desjardins Group
Multiple Corporate Offices – Calgary and Vancouver

“Céline, you are gifted at guiding your clients through a project. You are in the top tier of designers and have done an excellent job in building a professional, small firm with a great design capacity.

Your skill and ability to serve your clients from a distance is a testament to your professional project management. The quality of your work across the board: from design, precise documentation, drawings and process is outstanding and an asset to our company. You have diversity in your client base – an Ace in your hat and experience.”

Denis Chouinard, apdiq, arido, dic, iida
Senior Advisor
Real Estate Portfolio and Occupancy
Planning Department
Real Estate Services Division
Operation and Performance
Desjardins Group

design build design services

Klein Lyons
Full Floor Office Design/Build

“You knew how and when to give information to our team. You lead us to making optimum decisions that met our project criteria. Our project was a challenge in more ways than one.

Looking back, you were a gift. In hindsight, I could not have imagined completing this project successfully with anyone else.”

Caren Cook, CHRP
Past Chief Operating Officer,
Klein Lyons
Current, Maclean Law

architecture, construction, design for lodge

Sea Lion Pointe, Eagle Rock Lodge, Desolation Sound

“When I look back at the various decisions we made together I think we nailed it.”

Wynne Powell
President, CEO
London Air Services, Sonora Resort
London Group of Companies

integrated design for cottage

Swallowtail Stone Cottage + Red Herring Guest Cottage on
Grand Manan Island

“You are a Mensa Designer, problem solver, and marriage counselor. We benefited from your strong supplier relationships, posse of experts, and the talented and professionally trained team at your studio.

We’ve worked together on many projects— some grand and some humble—but all stand the test of time with thoughtful interior design, architectural detailing and solid construction.”

Deborah Upton Savedoff
Former Principal, Rare Indigo Destination Marketing Consultant