Fish and Visitors smell after three days… a Red Herring?

Red HerringThe Swallowtail Stone Cottage residence continues with the latest additions of a charming guesthouse and a garage.

The garage and guest house design borrow from the island’s historic smoke sheds in proportion, cedar rail detailing and traditional paint palette of maple leaf red and bittersweet chocolate brown.

Reminiscent of a seaside country mews a 45-foot long basalt stone retaining wall anchors The Red Herring Guest Cottage to the site. A dramatic 14-foot window wall flaunts the ocean vista, peak-a-boo views of migrating whales, the landmark Swallowtail Lighthouse, and unadulterated stargazing from bed. Double duty is the mantra for this 360 square foot pied-à-terre.

A collection of 1938 photographs shot for Life Magazine depicts the island’s rich smoked herring industry, once the world’s largest. A commissioned painting by Michela Sorrentino offers a contemporary interpretation of the island’s historic fishing weirs.

As Benjamin Franklin once said: “Fish and visitors smell after three days”. With a charming guest house like this— a red herring for sure!



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