Elemental Attraction

Markian Olynyk works from his home studio in Kitsilano. His World Headquarters extends down the back lane with neighborhood garages seconded for shipping, receiving, packaging and storage.

This morning seven panels of acid-etched, hand painted, tinted and lacquered glass are heading to the Children’s Hospital in Peoria, Illinois. Inspired by the “Canticle of the Creatures” by Saint Francis of Assisi, each panel reveals the hymn with icons subliminally carved into glass. They are divine.

That’s today. Tomorrow, it’s metallic yellow hues, nuggets and veins all imagery for 100 feet of textured glass for Eldorado Gold Headquarters in Bentall 5, just down the road.

I’ve worked with Markian for over 20 years and I still get goose bumps when I can commission his work. His unique techniques of glass etching and tinting are unsurpassed, anywhere. We’ve worked with Markian on everything from law offices like Heenan Blaikie to resort lodges like Sea Lion Point, Sonora.

The dialectic of his work contemporary yet primal, strong and fragile, abstract yet interpretive always adds a vital punctuation mark to our interior story.

 Inspired clicks:

Markian Studios


Michel Fillion (Inspiration for Markian)