Creative Collective

Creative people often collect things. Joan Miró filled his house and studio with Siurells or clay whistles, Darwin collected bugs, and Tom Hanks typewriters. Me, I collect rocks.  Psychology journals point to collecting as often going “hand in hand with a growing passion for knowledge”. I like to think so. Many Nobel Prize winners and celebrities attribute their inventive work and creative pursuit to early childhood collections. I collect rocks wherever I go. Big, small, geologically irregular– I never tire of my reflection on pattern, colour, and shape. Acute observation is an essential skill in my trade. Rock hounding simply goes without saying on a hike, to the beach or walking a forested trail. Sadly, it also translates into overweight luggage. Rocks, and boulders are incorporated into my design projects when it makes sense. A tiny gold nugget inspired an entire office design for Eldorado Gold. Excavated boulders, unearthed in the heart of Kerrisdale, resulted in a stunning architectural detail for the home. Hand harvested Triassic lava basalt was cobbled together into a stone montage for a charming east coast seaside cottage. Rocks are a touchstone for me. You never know what original idea will be triggered. I say keep collecting, whatever your passion. Comic books, hockey cards, cookbooks, watches, stamps …

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